Daraja Concert

The Daraja Children’s Choir from Kenya is coming to Weddington Community Church next Tuesday, October 27th. The pictures above were taken when Jon and I chaperoned a youth trip to Big Stuf camp in Panama City, Florida this June. Be sure to come the concert if you can- It’s at Weddington High School at 7PM and it’s going to be great! We’re housing 3 boys and a chaperone and I’m very excited to welcome them into our home. Before the concert, our church is having a silent auction for missions and I’m donating a photoshoot. I’m also donating 3 printed canvases with pictures I took of the people from the community of Karima when I was in Kenya this summer. The money raised from the sale of these items will go directly to the people of that community via the 410 Bridge. Here are the images up for auction!

3 thoughts on “Daraja Concert”

  1. Emma- I just love these- I love your work– gonna try and go to a photo "class" the first Tues in Nov ( its at night and free for first timers) u wanna go with– not that u need to but so I dont get chicken?? lol
    * If you guys need anything during the Daraja visit Id be happy to bring u all a meal or we can all meet up at park and play– I loved it last year and gonna try and be there Tues 🙂 much love !!

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