Create a stylish camera bag!

My cousin recently bought a bag and converted it into a stylish camera carrier. I was inspired for several reasons.

First of all, I love to create things. The stylish ones online are expensive. And most of all, I needed a new bag because my camera and all it’s new accessories have quickly outgrown my current one.
So, off to the store I went in search for a perfect bag. The search was long and hard because my camera is pretty large with my new lens and battery grip. I needed something with an opening to easily access my camera (and let’s face it….I really wanted the color to be fun and unique, so I was pretty picky) But finally in a TJ Maxx at Hilton Head a couple weeks ago, I found the winner…and for only $25!
For you to be inspired as well, I documented the stages of construction for my new bag (which I think I should name. I’m all about naming things lately—business, baby, bag….why not!)

So, first of all, Here’s the bag.

Other supplies needed:

1″ foam (though if you can find 1/2 to 3/4″, I think it would work as well)

1 yd. of quilt batting (and I definitely didn’t use that much…could have done with 1/4 to 1/2 yd. instead)
1 yd. fabric
Velcro (I got some thick to put on the outside and thinner to put on the removable spacers)
Here are the steps I used to get to the final creation…
First, I cut the foam to fit in my bag on the bottom and all four sides. I ended up cutting the 1″ foam to be a little skinnier to add a little more space into my bag.

After covering the foam with the quilt batting for a little extra padding by sewing it in a few spots to keep it in place, I was ready to start with the fabric.
I cut 2 pieces of fabric for each pad and started by sewing the velcro in place before making the pillow covering for them. After the velcro, I pinned the fabric inside out on the pads to mark for sewing. My mother-in-law was in town and helped me pin and sew. It was so much help…thanks Carol!

We left a little space on one side or the middle to stuff the pad in and then hand stitch the rest. We found out by the end that leaving a space in the middle made it easier for stuffing.

Here is one of the completed sides to the bag with the softer side of the velcro attached. Do you like the fabric choice? I think it’s fun.

Here’s the completed inside view of the bag with the spacer attached with velcro on either side.

The bag came with some already handy features. On this side, there are 2 compartments that are perfect for storing extra camera batteries and my cactus trigger. It also came with a removable wallet pouch that is handy to store AA batteries, business cards, paperwork and other small things.

The other side has another zipper pouch that I’ll use to store chapstick, my wallet & other personal things useful for a photo session.

There’s even a zipper and pocket on the front of the bag to store my phone & hand sanitizer.

Here’s how my camera, flash and everything else looks like inside…

Total, I spent about $55-$60 on the bag, which comparing to $150 or more for designer camera bags, I think is a pretty good deal.
I hope you are inspired as well! Send me pictures of your camera bag creation!

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