Cole Photo

Recently Colton has had quite an interest in taking pictures. Some of you may know that he’s gone through times of running away at the mention of my camera…but this past week when he was taking pictures of Beckett and I at breakfast with a toy camera, I decided that it might be time to start teaching him how to take pictures himself. So I dusted off my old Rebel (couldn’t bring myself put my nice camera into the hands of a 4 year old…) and we had a little photoshoot. He LOVED it and we’ll do it again. Enjoy my little guest photographer and pictures of…ME!

(Ok, I was helping him a little here. It’s a hard concept to hold the button down halfway to focus!)

3 thoughts on “Cole Photo”

  1. Uh – Cole is fantastic. I think I may hire him for my next gig.
    Oh – wait – will that hurt your feelings to have to compete with your son?

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